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Balance Fit

GHF550 Foot Checker is fully integrated database system with self-developed FSR pressure sensors and analysis camera in it as a KGMP certified medical devices and mainly used for scientifically analyzing dynamic gait analysis, static pressure measurements and COG motion analysis for patients with musculoskeletal problems and sports athletes.
  1. static foot pressure &dynamic gait analysis
  2. Foot pressure distribution & static balance analysis
  3. Maximum pressure, foot surface & foot angle analysis
  4. Total gait phases frame analysis
  5. Gait pressure analysis of each gait frame section
  6. Motion analysis [foot pressure & motion synchronization]
  7. Foot type analysis [Normal, High arch, Flat, Asymmetric foot]
  8. Pronation & Supination analysis
  9. Posture analysis w/muscle tension status
  10. Providing user’s customized exercise & insole solution
  11. Data comparison & user’s data management
Balance Fit [Foot Checker] Software