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Balance Fit
GW3000FS / GW3000GS

Balance Fit GW3000 is fully integrated database system with self-developed FSR pressure sensors and auto-joint recognition cameras in it as a KGMP certified medical devices and one integrated fremium platform mainly used for scientifically analyzing dynamic gait analysis, static pressure measurements, COG motion analysis and 3D posture analysis for patients with musculoskeletal problems and sports athletes.
  1. Auto-jount recognition [ providing Convenience & spanAccuracy of its measurement]
  2. Muscle tension analysis Muscle contraction(Blue color) Muscle relaxation(Red color)
  3. Modeling comparative analysis[front, side, top view] w/ standard posture(Blue color) & measured posture(Pink color)
  4. 3D skeletal tracking w/3D dimensional postural analysis
  5. Measurement~diagnosis~customized exercise solution
  6. 3D color moire analysis [Face, Spine, Leg, abdomen, etc]
  7. Color moire diagram analsysi
  8. Leg length / posture numerical value & angle analysis
  9. Data export function
  10. Static Balance, Gait & Motion analysis
  11. Data comparison & user’s data management
Balance Fit [Body Checker] Software