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Balance Fit
GHT2200 / GHT2200F

GHT2200 Gait Analysis Treadmill is equipped with 6,144 pressure sensors and analysis camera on the rehabiliatation treadmill. and mainly used for scientifically analyzing dynamic gait analysis, static pressure measurements and gait training with video for patients with musculoskeletal problems, rehabilitation for the elderly and abnormal walking of the central nervous system.
  1. Gait balance analysis & Gait C.O.P analysis
  2. Gait butterfly analysis, gait speed & step width analysis
  3. Maximum pressure, gait surface and gait angle analysis
  4. Visualization of total phases of gait step
  5. Gait pressure curve analysis of each gait frame section
  6. Gait parameter analysis
  7. Motion analysis [Joint movemnet angle w/camera]
  8. Gait training system
  9. Gait fall prevention analysis [clearance & steppage]
  10. Pronation & Supination angle analysis
  11. Gait propulsion rate
  12. Data comparison & user’s data management
Balance Fit [Gait Analysis Treadmill] Software