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GHW Gait analysis & exercise system is mainly used for "the foot pressure reaction forces while walking and gait analysis" from its software getting the sensor plate users data. GHiWell GHT-2200 allows the pressure distribution values from 1.2m long with 6,144 sensors. The device is integrated with the standing treadmill, and applied to any kind of treadmill and related supplies.
  1. 1. Dynamic foot pressure reaction measurement while walking
  2. 2. Gait Analysis (perry)
  3. 3. Pressure balance, Pressure distribution, Peak pressure of each foot
  4. 4. Postural analysis (Length and RCSP angle) with connected camera
  5. 5. Gait angle and each gait frame analysis
  6. 6. COP movement and force graph analysis
  7. 7. Exercise program for the right walking training
•  Clinics

Foot corrections and Gait imbalances Insole or orthotics treatment Postural analysis

•  Users

Quick measurement process and easy understanding reports Help proper walking balance and pattern education

  • •  Dimensions of Treadmill 2210mm x 934mm x 1460mm
  • •  Number of Sensors : 6,144 (Individual Sensor size : 8mm)
  • •  Treadmill with integrated Pressure Plate
  • •  User Manual
  • •  Software