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The brand name "POIN" is preshaped correction insoles for physical human balance.
  1. 1. POIN is Foot Orthosis and part of shoes for human body.
  2. 2. POIN is insoles for correcting the total human body balance
POIN makes your quality of life better with fitting the balance of Foot.
  1. 1. POIN is functional wedge system for balance support, body core movement and shock absorption.
  2. 2. POIN is correcting the gait line and RCSP angle using correction wedges based on foot condition.
  3. 3. POIN is easy to make and easy to correct and provide the systematic training system.
Foot Type and Gait Line based on the position of Calcaneus

RCSP (Resting Calcaneus Stance Position)

6 sections system to make Foot Balance

1.POIN is supporting abnormal parts to keep normal COP(Center of Pressure)
2.POIN is evaluating with the pressure platform and podobaroscope, etc.

Materials of POIN and it's technique
Wedge System
Window System